Cork Martial Arts Promotions
Kickboxing is a dynamic Martial Art which incorporates kicking, punching, sweeping and throwing. There are three main disciplines: Full contact, Light contact and Semi contact. If practiced regularly it will provide a top level cardiovascular workout, it will help develop muscle tone, strength, flexibility balance and concentration. It requires a high degree of concentration and Focus, the skills taught can also be used as an effective form of self-defence, if needed. While teaching the body and mind to work as one, in order to combine the multiple movements required.
West Cork Kickboxing Ian Kingston 086-3994886
Mahon and Bandon Taekwon-Do Academy's Leonard Coughlan 086-3583878
Lifetime Martial Arts and East Cork Kickboxing Gym Kevin O’Sullivan 0866394683
Martial Arts Fitness Centre West Cork Old Mill, Market Street Skibberen, Co. Cork Ian Kingston 086-3994886
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