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Aaron O’Callaghan Cmap Report
CMAP recently caught up with the new IMF Muay Thai European Champion, Aaron O Callaghan, and his Coach Martin Horgan from Siam Warriors, Blarney Street, Cork, to find out more about their title win on Saturday 5th October in Lagoon Arena, Paisley Scotland. Aaron's European opponent in this title fight was experienced fighter Stevie Lochhead, of Scotland, who came to the ring with 19 full Thai rules fights under his belt. This was set to be a heavy  fight for Cork man Aaron, as the first round started with a good exchange between both fighters with heavy elbows and leg kicks coming at a fast pace between the two. It was in the last eight seconds of this first round that there came a turning point for O Callaghan, with him landing a very nasty chop to his opponent's leg, just as Lochhead was literally saved by the bell. During the break O Callaghan's corner looked very relaxed, the writing was on the wall, so to speak, they knew that last kick had hurt Lochhead. The bell called the fighters to the second round and thirty seconds in Aaron took the fight and the title with a right elbow that Stevie Lochhead could not make it back from. The applause from 1100 strong Scottish crowd was appreciative of a worthy winner. Aaron thanked the organisers of the Extreme Stand Up (ESU) on the night, telling them that this was "one of the most professional shows I have attended. " He also thanked his Coach Martin Horgan for all his work behind the scenes. Coach Horgan told us how, "Aaron once again proved how pin-point accurate he is with his shots" We can also announce that that Aaron will compete for the IMF World title next February. CMAP wish this champion the best of luck, we look forward to reporting on the event. Leonard Coughlan
Aaron O’Callaghan & Stevie Lochhead
Aaron O’Callaghan & Stevie Lochhead
Martin Horgan & Aaron O’Callaghan