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Chi Gong
Chi means Respiration, or Vital or Life Force, Energy Gong means the mind steering the continuous regulation of respiration and posture. Doing Chi Gong exercises is training the Qi and the mind. The mind leads Qi to circulate along the Acu channels, promoting and enhancing body organ functions and developing Yuan Qi (intrinsic energy). Practise of Chi Gong cultivates intrinsic energy and strengthens the physique. This helps maintain the collateral channels resulting in good health. Regular practise can help cure illness, through regulating the blood and vital energy circulation and by balancing ying and yang. Chi Gong lays emphasis on inner exercise. Through exercise of regulating the body, respiration, and the mind, functions of the internal organs can be improved. Hence the vital essence, energy and spirit are developed, resulting in strong physique and good resistance.
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