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Cork Martial Arts Promotions
It is time for the fifth annual awards ceremony to honour the hard work and discipline of Cork's martial artists; levels in training standards and resulting abilities in athletes and students are constantly rising to world class levels. It is not possible to award each individual, but it is our hope that the nomination itself conveys a wealth of honour to the recipient. Now is the time to bestow that honour on your student, your teacher, or perhaps your colleague.
This event in sponsored by CMAP; there are no fees due for applicants, nominees or award recipients.
Coach of the Year Award Club of the Year Award                                        Lifetime Achievement Award Male Competitor of the Year Award Female Competitor of the Year Award Junior Competitor of the Year Award CMAP Hall of Fame inductee Award
The event itself is an evening to remember. In keeping with the intention of the awards (to honour the great sports men and women of our county), we ensure a suitably formal and fun-filled evening of entertainment and honoured guests.This is a high profile event, with both local and national press having a presence at the event. The awards ceremony will be held at The Gresham Metropole Hotel, Cork City on Saturday 1 st  February 2014; nominations are taken up to and including December 31st 2013.To make your nomination application, or for more info. please email leonard@cmap.ie or Tel: 086-3583878
Cork Martial Arts Promotions Awards 2013
Nominations are now being taken for the prestigious CMAP Awards Ceremony.
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2012 CMAP Award Winners & Presenters
To make your nomination application, please email the following information to leonard@cmap.ie
1. Name of the award. 2. Full name of recipient, (include a photograph of the recipient if possible). 3. Type of martial art practised. 4. Name of Club. 5. Name, address, email, phone number for the person making the application. 6.  A description of why this nominee should receive the award. This may be any word  count, but obviously the more information we receive the better for our deliberations. NB. All nominees must be teaching or practising in Cork. All award recipients will receive notification no later than mid-January. For more information please contact me on Tel: 086-3583878