Welcome to the world of Martial Arts in Cork...
Our new Website will feature Cork’s top martial artists, CMAP “Hall of Fame”and CMAP “Competitor of the Tournament” award winners. 
P.R.O. Leonard Coughlan Email: Leonard@cmap.ie Tel: 086-3583878
Cork Martial Arts Promotions
Cork Martial Arts Promotions has been set up to promote Cork Martial Arts successes. Through the mass media, C.M.A.P web-site, mobile display units, promotion teams and show case events. We are working together for the advertisement and development of the public persona of martial arts, while also high-lighting the achievements of Cork martial artists and coaches to the people of Cork.
For any interested instructor or martial arts clubs who would like to get involved in our events or promotions please contact our P.R.O. / Event manager.
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