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Dylan Fitzgibbon
Third Consecutive World Title
Dylan Fitzgibbon of Turner’s cross Taekwon-Do Academy under instructor Ken Leahy has won his third consecutive world title. When he is not busy training with Ken Leahy at Turner’s Cross, and winning world championships, you can find him in Douglas, where he runs Elite Martial Arts. A force to be reckoned with we think, take a look at this list of winnings and you will surely agree: Dylan became the Senior -70kg World championships gold medallist in Oct 2013. To add to his World Championships accolades, he is also a senior men’s team sparring gold medallist. As the final fighter in the tournament, Dylan secured victory in the men’s open weight team sparring. Dylan was obviously the smaller opponent, in terms of physical size, but his tactical awareness made him a giant. He dominated the entire match to secure not only his own gold but Irelands team medal. Dylan had previously taken a European championship -70 middleweight title in May 2013, and also been very successful in the European cup the previous March in the -78 light heavy weight division where he took silver. These European competitions were his first senior championships since securing the world junior championships in Argentina in 2009 and New Zealand in 2011. For the European Cup he opted to move up a division to -78, this decision he made in order to gather more experience, while offering his own weight division no prior knowledge of his skills, before the European Championships. Now that is a tactical manoeuvre we have to applaud! This ‘practise run,’ or ‘stepping stone’ might have been about going for gold in the more prestigious European and World championships, but the fact that Dylan still took silver in this division shows the calibre of world champion we are dealing with. Ireland can be proud of this new World Champion, well done Dylan, Turner’s cross Taekwon-Do Academy and instructor Ken Leahy, keep up the superior work.