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The World Martial Games XI took place on the weekend of 20th August 2010. The event was held by the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes (WOMAA), and took place at the new Killarney Sports Complex in Co.Kerry, Ireland. Fighters from all over the world competed in elimination rounds through the 2 days of competition, then at the Grand Championship Finals, the top two fighters in each category competed to become WOMAA World Champions in their respective categories. In keeping with their goal- to make the World Martial Games be the most prestigious event it can be- WOMAA instituted many new and innovative aspects to the games. The WOMAA World Martial Games offers something for everyone and Cork Martial Artists well represented during the weekend. This became more evident during the main event show case where, amongst some of the world's top martial artists, you could not help but notice the number of all Cork 'show downs'. In the final of the men's senior points sparring 'Grand Champion Event' two of Corks top kickboxing instructors stepped out on to the floor. This surely confirmed to the waiting crowd that these martial arts instructors practise what they preach; to have come through the rounds to meet in the final. The match started with awe-inspiring speed and exchange of combinations unfortunately it was cut short due to accidental injury to Mr. Paul Coffee with the title awarded to Mr. Colin O Shaughnessy. Up next was the Main event of the night for all continuous fighters, the open weight WOMAA Black Belt; continuous fighting world title belt. Firstly the ring announcer called current (WAKO) world kicking champion Tony Stephenson to the ring. His opponent the Mahon and Bandon Kickboxing & Taekwon-Do instructor Mr. Leonard Coughlan then entered. Both fighters had fought gruelling 2 rounder matches over the weekend against a number of international fighters. Coach Ian Kingston, who had coached both fighters up until this point, was delighted that which every way the decision went the title was coming home to Cork, however the question of how he was going to coach the two men at once had yet to be answered. Mr. Colin O Shaughnessy the new Grand Champion was more than happy to step up as coach to his colleague, and fellow Cork man, Leonard Coughlan. The match started with an out standing kickboxing display; Tony winning the kicking exchange with his trade mark side kick-axe kick combination, and Leonard responding with an impressive punching blitz attack, more commonly attributed to a much lighter fighter. As the match progressed the two men, who are regularly training partners, proved just why they were in the final. The scored cards returned by judges confirmed the crowds own speculation that, although Coughlan's best effort was given, Tony proved too fast and precise over the three round title fight.              An exciting finish to an excellent event in Killarney; both Tony and Colin look forward to defending their titles next year in Wales.
WOMAA World Martial Games XI
Pictured left to right Tony Stephenson, Ian Kingston
Cork Martial Arts Promotions
Like countless martial artists before him, Marc Redmond's first inspiration was the movies and by the tender age of seven he was on his way, training in earnest with the one-pointed intention of traveling to Hong Kong to be in the movie business. For the next twelve years, he trained day in day out until he was at the peak of his fitness and demonstrated a level of flexibility that was equal to any of his contemporaries. Traveling on his own to Hong Kong at the age of nineteen, he was lucky to make the acquaintance of Bey Logan, who is well known in the industry in Hong Kong. It was through his growing friendship with Bey that Marc found himself on the set of the action movies in Hong Kong. 'It was remarkable to me that within two weeks of arriving in the teeming chaotic city that I found myself standing in front of a director and showing him what I could do,' said Marc. As it turned out, two Korean actors had been hired but their control and timing was out and they kept hitting the actors, which obviously isn't ideal considering the potential to do real damage or bruise the leading man. 'I was able to demonstrate the choreography needed for the action shots, but there was another stroke of good luck in that I resembled the lead actor, Eddison Chan, so I was hired straight away,' said Marc. 'Bey told me at the time that I had earned the distinction of being the first Western to double a Chinese guy.' Being in the movie business is precarious at the best of times. For a few weeks, he found he was earning exceptionally good money, but then there would be nothing for two or three months and it was often a question of just surviving. Marc explained that the lifestyle in Asia is manic: 'Compared to Ireland. No. Compared to West Cork, the pace of life in Hong Kong seemed frenetic and we – a couple of us martial arts enthusiasts – really went for it. 'We socialized a lot which seemed to be at odds with what we were doing in the day – dedicating ourselves to health, fitness and achieving the perfect form.' After years working in this haphazard way, fitting in a lot of travel throughout the world, Marc decided he wanted to return home to West Cork and make martial arts work for him here. His return coincided with changes that his parents were making at the time: his dad, Des, a musician from Dublin, and his mother, Heidi, a German social worker, had just finished building a new hostel and were taking time out to travel, so Marc stepped in to mind the place while they traveled around Europe. It was in the weeks and months that followed that Marc began working on creating his own niche at 'Driftwood Hostel', a three-acre spread at Dromig, a few miles north of his hometown of Skibbereen. He began by laying the foundations for his new dojo. Essentially, it is an outdoor training area but it has a south-east Asia feel to it in that it has an oriental designed roof and raised floor but is open on four sides to the elements. The dojo is more than twice the size of a conventional boxing ring with the intention of creating a very specific area for sparring and when it is not being used for that purpose it has seven fixed work stations including a wall to ceiling ball in the centre, as well as two punch bags on either side. There are also two speed balls at either side of the wall to ceiling ball, which provides enough space for a team of seven to work in safety and comfort. 'This is phase one,' said Marc. 'The idea is to create a place where people can come to West Cork and take part in either an action-packed or a meditative weekend. 'With Des and Heidi running the nine-bed hostel, there is an opportunity for people to come and enjoy the more contemplative side of martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation, or simply enjoy it as a rural retreat. 'As far as I am concerned, the dojo is just phase one because it is my long-term intention to develop the site and provide more leisure facilities, such as an indoor training area, an outdoor jacuzzi and a plunge pool. 'For the time being the indoor training will take place in a new 'Martial Arts Fitness Centre' in Skibbereen. The centre will be opened in the first week in September by Marc and his friend, Ian Kingston, who is very well-known throughout Ireland for his achievements in the world of kickboxing.' Readers of 'Irish Fighter' will be already familiar with Ian Kingston because of his, and his team's, tremendous successes at national and international level. The new centre will be West Cork's only dedicated martial arts centre, so in that sense it is a ground-breaking new development, but Marc and Ian are hoping that it will attract not only martial arts enthusiasts but also people who are dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The building itself is impressive because as a renovated old mill it is big and spacious and centrally located. From September on there will be a small martial arts and fitness retail store on the premises, selling everything from the 'Irish Fighter' to punchbags and nunchuks. Marc said: 'It is our vision to create a place where individuals or groups can come for specialized training and indulge their passion for martial arts and fitness.'
The Marc Redmond story so far
Back from Hong Kong
On Saturday September 11th Siam Warriors Muay Thai camp held a professional Muay Thai show in Silversprings Cork.  With Denis O'Brien fighting A Class against Richard James of Manchester, and upcoming fighters such as Seán Clancy and Johnny Sheehan on the bill, the show promised to be action packed.  Stealing the show however was Dave O'Brien. At 36 years of age Dave O'Brien is one of the toughest and most liked practitioners in Irish Muay Thai.  He has won Irish titles and has consistently fought top class international opponents. Last year he travelled to Finland to fight Joe Chalem unfortunately losing on a cut to the high ranked Thai fighter. On this occasion Dave faced Anthony Audus, a sharp skilled operator from Frankie Hudders Gym in Salford, Manchester.  They went at it right from the first bell with the Salford man scoring with some excellent lead kicks and knees.  O'Brien, showing his grit, rode out the storm and came back with massive low kicks forcing the referee to intervene early in round II.  A barrage of punches and kicks finished the job midway through the round sealing a fantastic performance and a well deserved win for Dave O'Brien.
Siam Warriors Muay Thai Camp
Dave O'Brien
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From the 2nd to the 8th of July 2010, the Choi Jung Hwa ITF TaeKwon-Do World Championships took place in Cheongju, Korea. After months of hard training in preparation for this major event, fighters from all over the Ireland travelled with Master Don Dalton and other coaches, including Mr. John Riordan, Mr. Chris Mc Cabe and Mr. Michael Burke, to compete in this event. Cork's new World Champion James Dwyer made us proud; winning all his fights in one of the largest black belt events, as well as being selected to fight in every team match. James was battered and bruised before he even began his final fight! Immediately into the second round of his final a blow to his left eye left him bleeding; later requiring hospital attention and stitches. In a prime example of a true champion he showed sheer determination and true fighting spirit, and, despite injury, went on to become the ITF Middle Weight Sparring Champion. It was an amazing tournament, officiated by Choi Jung Hwa, son of the founder of TaeKwon-Do, Choi Hong Hi, and was made even more special by being held in Korea the birth place of TaeKwon-Do.
Success for James Dwyer at the Choi Jung Hwa, ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships, South Korea.
Pictured left to right James Dwyer, Mr. Burke
Pictured left to right James Dwyer, Mr. Burke
The gold is back in Cork; well done James!
Coach of the Year 2010
Pictured left to right Leonard Coughlan, Mr. Ken Leahy
CMAP award to Mr. Ken Leahy from Turners Cross
The presentation of the 2010 Cork Martial Arts Promotions "Coach of the Year" award to Mr. Ken Leahy instructor of the Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy took place in the Duchesse room of the Imperial Hotel, Cork City on the 23rd of December.
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bushido Martial Arts Cork we would like to invite you to the 1st Bushido Cork Munster Open on June 12th in Cork Institute of Technology, Bishopstown, Cork. We have sections for Novices, Intermediates and Advanced so people are able to compete with those of a similar level. We have light and semi contact sections. We also have a Men's Open weight with a minimum cash prize of €300 Women's Open Weight with a minimum cash prize of €100. Registration is 9.30 to 10.30 Online registration will be online soon on www.entr.ie Entry Fees Juniors 1 section €15 2 sections €25 3 sections €30 Adults 1 section €20 2 sections €30 3 sections €35 Open Weight €25 Family Price: no family will pay more than €60 Notes A person who is over 16 may compete in u17 and Adult. A person can fight Novice and Intermediate or Intermediate and Advanced. You cannot compete in Novice and Advanced. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Colin O'Shaughnessy on 0871326600
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