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The first stage of the competition had a welcome surprise for Dominic, after making his weight he discovered he had been given a walk over in the first fight. His second fight took place the next day he came up against an experienced Hungarian south paw.  As is Dominic's style, it took the first round for the Irish fighter to properly settle into the fight and by the start of the second round he had started to dominate the fight. In the third round he closed the fight, winning convincingly and looking fresher than ever, a testament to his impressive fitness levels. On the third day of fighting he came up against the Russian National champion. Entering into this match more determined than ever he stopped the Russian in the second round with a swift side kick to the jaw. The Russian was reluctant to continue and the win, deservedly, went to Dominic. On the fourth and final day of fighting Dominic was drawn up against the silver medallist Croatian National Champion for the semi final. He steamed through the fight and won each round, winning the overall fight unanimously, taking him through to the final. The final was held later that same day. After three fights that appeared not to faze the strong Irish fighter this appeared to be the only fight that may prove to be of some difficulty to him. The only thing that now stood between him and the Gold was the Croatian National Champion. The Croatian had been tipped to be the over-all winner of the competition, but as calm and as determined as ever, Dominic took to the mat to face him. The first round proved to be tough with the Croatian seeming to be ahead, but as Dominic's supporters are well aware, the first round was merely a warm-up. By the start of the second round Dominic began to open up and by the middle of the second round he had dropped the Croatian with a fast left hand to the jaw. The Croatian, however, was just as determined, and got back up to continue the fight. Unluckily for him, at this point, there would be no stopping the Irish fighter with his eyes set on the prize. Dominic steamed through the second and third round, answering everything the Croatian threw at him with combinations that's were twice as fast, and that hit the mark every time. He won convincingly, with not just the Irish but many other international teams cheering him on, and finally had the gold he had deserved for so long. This is undoubtedly not the last we will hear of the skilled Cork fighter, this gold is only the beginning, and Dominic Stephenson is a name that will be around in the fighting world for a long time.
Dominic Stephenson wins Gold at the W.A.K.O Junior World Championships, Serbia.
Taekwon-Do Black Belt Dylan Fitzgibbon, a student of turners cross Taekwon-Do Academy under the guidance of Mr. Ken Leahy, has been going from strength to strength over the last number of years. Two of his high lights have been the 2009 -63 World Junior Title and the 2010 -63 European Cup Junior Crown. In November 2009, Dylan travelled to Argentina to represent Ireland in the World ITF Taekwon-Do Championships. This was Dylan's first World Championships, he flew through his first two matches against an American and then an Argentina fighter who was the host country's favourite to win. Next was a Jamaican whose long front leg made Dylan's distance style difficult, but in the first 30 seconds Dylan realised this and naturally switched it to close range combat. In the semi-finals he meet a strong Slovenian fighter, where he was able to return to his own style, the Slovenian was relentless and kept pressuring him and pushing him to his limits. But in the end his combination of lead leg sidekick and blitz punching gave him 4-0 win. Germany was on the cards for the final, Dylan's confidence was high and his aggressive lead leg side kick started the fight, it was clear however that the German had experience in defending against this, Dylan then began faking to the body with a side kick before bringing it up for the head shot. The German fighter was kept on his toes had to defend all angles as he was pushed back with a wide range of kicks. Before it could register what had happened Dylan was standing on the podium, gold medal around his neck and the Irish national anthem playing. This was an impressive World debut for a young man from Cork. Then in October 2010 Dylan travelled to Slovakia for the European ITF Taekwon-Do cup. With hard training and a proper diet, he was more ready than ever. Coming up against Norway in the first round and having a history against this fighter made it a comfortable first fight for him. The next round against England, Dylan's new found experience shone through with his perfect timing of his blitz, which destroyed the English fighter's game plan. In the quarter-finals against a Polish fighter with a very similar style made this fight very relaxing for Dylan, as he won every encounter and left the challenger face down on the mat in most occasions. Next was a case of deja vu with Slovenia in the semi-final again, but this time a new fighter, lighter and faster. Dylan dominated the sparring and forced the Slovenian to back away and get caught in the corner every time, another win under his belt. Dylan was moving on to the final, but unfortunately he had picked up an extremely painful knee injury against the Slovenian. He did all he could to get back to 100% before the final. But before he knew it, the lights were pointing down on him, it was the finals night and a very talented young fighter from Greece stood before him. Dylan focused on using his strong side kick and following with his hands, this made a knockout combination to give him a 4-0 lead heading into the final round. He clearly wanted it more in the last round and came from all angles with speed to dominate the final. This has made Dylan hungry for more and is aiming to retain his world title in New Zealand in March 2011.
Sunday 20th February saw the 9th year of the Irish Taekwon- Do Association's Open Championships. This was its first year at the new location Neptune stadium. Indicative of the strict discipline involved in this sport; the day started exactly at 10am as scheduled. All six competition rings were run efficiently throughout the day by the 75 umpires organised for the event. Twenty clubs from all over the country supported the Championships, which was described as the highlight of the year for many of the attendees. The calibre of Taekwon- Do training here in Cork was well represented, and the overall club of the day went to Cork Instructor Mr. Pat Barry 6th degree of North Mon and Carrigaline. This club came away as the clear winner, securing 72 points on the day; with the national team coach Mr. Steven Cooley coming in second with 50 points. The tournament was considered a fantastic success by all who attended.
Cork ITA Open Championships 2011
West Cork Kickboxing Fight Night Extravaganza
Mr. Ian Kingston of West Cork Kickboxing club hosted the fight night held at West Lodge Hotel, Bantry on Saturday February 26th.
The event attracted kickboxing instructors from all over Cork and Kerry. The main stage, around which the night was centered, was floodlit to ensure the spectators missed none of the excellent displays in the ring. The night began with demonstration bouts from junior competitors, which were the perfect prelude to the host of Irish, European and World Champions, who later took to the ring. The high standard of undercard fights on the night were proof of the excellent training received from their coaches Colin O'Shaughnessy and Kevin O'Sullivan. This extravaganza is organised to raise funds for the continuation of the West Cork Club and to strengthen its profile in the local community. The success of the night in this regard is evident in the large number of local businesses who sponsored the event. Cork Martial Arts Promotions (CMAP) was the sponsor of the prize for 'the most outstanding competitor' on the night. Many of the fights on the night were hotly contested, with split decisions proving that the high standard of competitors made it extremely difficult to chose winners, and therefore to pick the most outstanding performance. All coaches had a vote on this overall awards and the final event between current WAKO world champion Tony Stevenson and Hugh Harris was chosen as the most outstanding fight of the night. Hugh Harris fights out of the Tralee Schools of Martial Arts under Chief Instructor Mr. Mike Allen. Special mention must be made of the contest between Toby Bermeuller and Cormac O'Conner, Toby is the current Irish Full Contact Champion, there fight was placed as the second best match of the night. Tony Stephenson won most outstanding performance due to his spectacular kicking displays. The prize for most outstanding performance sponsored by Cork Martial Arts Promotions (CMAP) was presented by PRO Leonard Coughlan. CMAP would like to wish the best of luck to all competitors taking part in the Irish Open International Kickboxing Championships, taking place in City West, next weekend.
Siam Warriors Muay Thai Superfight
Saturday 16th April 2011 - Neptune Stadium
Dylan Fitzgibbon of Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy has retained his -63kg junior sparring title. This victory in New Zealand sees Fitzgibbon return to Irish shores a champion, just as he did following his win two years ago in Argentina. To win a World title once is a huge achievement in itself, but to retain it is a feat attainable by only the greatest athletes in the world. Constant attention to detail and a great mind under pressure are some of the qualities, which must be the ingredients of his recipe for success.   To continue with that analogy, the icing on this championship cake is Dylan’s ability to listen to his instructor and coaches, as he pursues his opponents in the ring. Championship material indeed, Dylan continues his winning streak on the domestic market with numerous national titles to his credit. He is certainly not afraid to train hard, and outside of Taekwon-Do he compliments his training with running and kickboxing. Champions are made of hard work, dedication and experience and these are the attributes of Mr. Fitzgibbon. When he travels to these national and international events and wins, as he naturally does, he always keeps his feet on the ground and his head in the discipline of his training. While we hear he does like to celebrate occasionally, he is quick to begin the preparations for the next challenge. Dylan’s instructor and friend Mr. Ken Leahy told us, “I am proud and privileged to have such a talented ambassador for Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy in Mr. Fitzgibbon, we are very proud of his achievements, and on behalf of all the members I wish him every success in the future.”   The greater Cork Martial Arts Community agrees whole heartedly with these sentiments and applauds Mr. Fitzgibbon as a worthy representative of Cork. This is certainly cause for a celebration cake. We will be keeping a close eye on Mr. Fitzgibbon, as he is sure to bring plenty more honour and glory to the Cork Martial Arts scene.
Fitzgibbon retains World Junior Title
SIAM Warriors - Muay Thai Superfights Neptune stadium Saturday 16th April 2011
CMAP arrived to Neptune stadium on Saturday afternoon to set up our display stand, and begin our coverage of the night's events. We were greeted by Mr. Martin Horgan, of 'SIAM Warriors Gym', Nicholas Well Lane, Blarney Street, Cork. Martin handed us some 'access all areas' passes, and, after filling us in on the plans for the night, he left us to set up our display. Thanks to Martin for allocating us a prime location at the main door, and ring side VIP entrance. Soon enough, as the doors were opened, Martin passed by and we took the opportunity to wish him the very best for the coming night. He replied "I hope a few people will turn up," as he hurriedly went on with the organisation. Later the memory of his comment made me laugh, as I looked around Neptune stadium to see every single seat, of the 1600  available, was in use, and at least two rows of spectators were standing watching from outside that security barriers, because there literally wasn't a seat left in the house.         The night progressed with the seventeen fights on the night each proving to be better than the last. Fight number '7' was billed as super prestige 'A' class between Cork man, Seamus Cogan of Spartan 'Muay Thai,' Ballincollig versus Panicos Yousif fighting out of 'Stockport Thai Fighters,' UK, this was a gruelling 5 x 3 minute  round fight. To the last seconds both fighters put all their skills and energy into the competition. The excitement was marred with just a hint of disappointment for the home crowd, when the judges returned a victory for the visiting fighter Panicos Yousif. The next fight made me wonder if the promoter Martin Horgan had some kind of clairvoyant powers; how did he foresee when putting the next fight on the cards that it was just perfect to pick up the spirits of the Cork spectators. Two young fighters, both from Cork, stepped into the ring for what was for me personally one of the best fights of the night; Sean Clancy of 'Siam Warriors Gym' took the victory from Craig Bowles fighting out of 'Seanscoil Gym.' Even though this was billed as a domestic fight, with no titles or great honours for the winner, these two young Cork men brought a sense of honour and glory with them. From the moment they stepped in the ring, and more especially from the sound of the bell, the crowd were given a match that had all the components of a main event fight.      In the billed main event of the night, Jordan Watson fighting out of 'Bad Company' UK, showed some devastating kicking power in his clash with French fighter Cedric Muller. The move of the night came from the French man; Watson grabbed Muller's ankle following an attempted front kick. Watson looked to have the match in his hands, as he backed his opponent up seeming about to sweep him to the mats. Suddenly Muller back hit the corner post, as if it was a move practiced in the training gym, he hooked his arms over the ropes, and then, in what I can only describe as a drop kick, he hit the Englishman's square in the face with what had previously been his standing leg. However, the move, which could have been plucked straight out of the movies, did little to change the momentum of the fight. The judges handed the Englishman the win and the title.      The night was a great success; one of the best Martial Arts Shows cases I have ever attended in Cork or Ireland for the matter. Well done to Martin Hogan and his team from 'SIAM Warriors Gym;' from all of us here at Cork Martial Arts Promotions we can not wait for the next Muay Thai Ring Show.
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