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Cork Martial Arts Promotions
The annual Munster Open Kick-boxing championships took place on Sunday 10th June at Cork Institute of Technology. Showing CIT's commitment to sports the Munster athletic championships were taking place on another part of the campus, at same time. For us we were treated to a feast of skilled and determined competitors from 10.30am to 3pm. This is an event for both seniors and juniors and all held the standards to an extremely high level. It was a day to be proud of for all concerned. Our action packed day was hosted by Colin O' Shaughnessy, and we at CMAP would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on a very successful event. CMAP were delighted to support such a well run and inspirational day of sport in Munster. The CMAP presentation of most outstanding performance of the day was presented to Shauna
Shauna has already proved herself with numerous world kick-boxing championship titles as a junior competitor. Now at the grand old age of 19 she is already beating off the challengers as a senior. This young lady is putting in the work that will make her a world champion once again. Shauna won her own weight section in the Munster Championships this Sunday, but not only that, she also went on to win the ladies Grand Champion event.
These are the kind of competitors we at CMAP are ready to award, because these are the people who inspire all around them to be the best that they can be. Shauna well deserved the cash fund and awards that came her way in response to such excellence. The level of competition was at very high standard through all of those who were participating in the day's events. The hundreds of children and adults who represented Ireland, or came to cheer on competitors were definitely not disappointed with this day's events. We at CMAP look forward to seeing you all at next year's event, and we are definitely excited to see the development of our Most Outstanding Performer, Shauna Bannon.
CMAP award Most Outstanding Performer at Munster Open Kick-boxing championships