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North Mon Taekwon-Do
ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships 2013 - Benidrom, Spain
North Mon Taekwon-Do club have just returned from the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships. The event, held in Benidorm, Spain, took place from the 23rd to the 27th of October. Over 1000 black belt competitors from 58 countries took part in the world championships. It really is one of those exciting events of the calendar year, so many different nationalities and such a wealth of talented competitors. To come home from this athletic occasion a winner is indeed a mark of great achievement, so well deserved congratulations are in order for this North Mon team. I got a chance to catch up with, and offer my congratulations, to Mr Pat Barry head instructor of North Mon. Pat was effusive in his positive commentary on the results, saying, ‘ we are so proud of the  members, who competed so successfully. We were hoping for 1 maybe 2 medals, but to return home with a total of 10 was beyond our wildest expectations.’ We at CMAP are delighted to report to you that the members of North Mon took the Junior divisions of the World Championships by storm.
The ten medals were won by the following competitors: Mr Adam Foley Silver Individual 1st Degree Patterns, Silver Individual Sparring -75kg, Gold Team Sparring, Bronze Team Patterns. Mr Dean Murphy Silver Individual Sparring -50kg. Mr Dylan Murphy  Gold Individual Sparring -56kg, Gold Team Sparring, Bronze Team Patterns. Miss Denise O’Brien Gold Individual Sparring -45kg. Miss Kelly O’Donovan Gold Team Sparring.